Let's face it, going through foreclosure is brutal and punishing process. Banks, mortgage servicers, lawyers and investors all attacking you…lies and deception run amok. Recovering from foreclosure is severely challenging as well; rebuilding credit, relocating and lack of cash are common issues that plague the post-foreclosure process. Getting your life back in order and moving on is most important!

This is where we step in to help. We will take look at your situation, offer 100% free advice and determine if access to cash is available. Feel free to call us at 1-414-737-7116 to start your free consultation.


Our motto - Work hard, follow up and complete the task! With nearly 60 years of distressed credit market experience, we are able to tackle the toughest post-foreclosure issues for our clients. We have the insight and resources the get the job done. In this particular business, the proof is in the completed work…nothing else really matters except exceptional results! Our advice and consulting is second to none. Our office has consulted on every possible complex credit issue imaginable. We take great pride in supporting the general public and working class citizens in their credit recovery endeavors. Our Midwestern-solid work ethic is definitely relevant and our "outside the box" problem solving shines as well.

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Our firm has over 60 years experience counseling people with credit problems, foreclosure problems and debt problems. Whether you need the resources to help yourself or a more graduated level of help, this site has been designed to guide you in the right direction. Our firm has a very aggressive passion for helping folks with debt problems and foreclosure issues. We are here to help you. Because you deserve an expert in your corner!

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